Recent Dances Taught

Welcome to the Recent Dance Taught Pages

You will be able to just click the name of the dance and the script
should open in a new window.  If the there is a link, then the name of the dance will be in GREEN

You can also get all your scripts and videos using the logos to the right for Copperknob, Linedancer and Youtube.

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Month                      Monday Class 1           Monday Class 2          Tuesday Class           Wednesday Class 1      Wednesday Class 2
 October 2016 Let It Swing  Take Me To The River  Elvira  Some Girls Will  Take Me To The River
   Promises Promises  Boomerang  Ruby Ruby  Let It Swing  Boomerang
   Good Luck Girl  Sole Mio  Feelin Kinda Lonely  Promises Promises  Won't Ya Come Down
   Some Girls Will  Won't Ya Come Down  101  A Little Love Trip  The Circus
   Simple Things  CT Shuffle  Easy Fun  Simple Things  Fireflies
   Escapate  Fireflies  Happy When I'm Dancing  Gypsy Queen  CT Shuffle
   Hot Tomales Jnr    Hinges  Hot Tomales Jnr  Escapate
   Kissed By The Sun    Hot Tomales Jnr    Hot Tomales Jnr
 November 2016  Happy Happy Happy  Bush Party  Glad All Over  Kissed By The Sun  Kissed By The Sun
   Glad All Over  Dear Friend    Loved Too Much  Bush Party
         Glad All Over